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Let's Talk About Squibs...

There is a near unfathomable amount of ammo manufactured on a daily basis. I don’t even want to estimate the number but I’m sure it’s pretty big. Ok, I’ll estimate it. Right now, the manufacturers are in full production and they average about 12 billion rounds per year which comes out to just short of 33 million rounds a day.

Now, quality assurance at the manufacturers is impressive. The problem is, it’s not foolproof. I’ve been researching for a while but I haven’t found any solid estimates on how many bad rounds get out. Admittedly, if I was a manufacturer, I sure as heck would keep that number close to my chest. Knowing what I know of other manufacturer’s, I’m going to give an estimate of .001% of those rounds make it past quality assurance (keep in mind, that is purely an estimate pulled off the top of my head). That means that, on any given day, 329 bad rounds could make it out into the market.

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Let's Talk About Safety Rules 4, 5, and 6...

Up until this point, we’ve been discussing the big three. These are the same rules you’ll see plastered over every gun range, gun store and gun show from coast to coast. Here at GunNoob, we like to take a “just because it works doesn’t mean it can’t work better” approach to things so we have added our own set of rules to the big three just to cover all the bases. 


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Let's Talk About Safety Rule Number 3...

Be sure of not only your target, but what's behind it as well

So the Third Doctor came along in the series...yeah I’m not even going to try on this one. Speaking of television and movies, however, their grasp of physics is phenomenally bad. Granted, if reality worked the way it does in movies the world would be interesting, to say the least. You could just zoom and enhance any crappy security camera feed and have a perfect image of a criminal. If that fails, you could always create GUI interface using Visual Basic to track the killer’s IP address (translation: there is none. The phrase is pure gobbledygook). Beyond that, shooting guns would be even more fun than they are now!

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Let's Talk About the Second Safety Rule...

Rule Number 2: Loaded or unloaded, never point the gun at anything you don't want killed or destroyed 

When the Doctor Who series started in 1963, the very first Doctor was an old and grumpy dude and wasn’t very likable. Then the Second Doctor came along, played by Patrick Troughton, and suddenly the character became fun and much more pleasant. The second safety rule...has nothing to do with that, really. In fact, this is a terrible analogy. Forget I said anything here. Let’s start over.

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Let's Talk About Safety Rule Number 1...

Rule #1: Treat every gun as though it were loaded.

If you’ve spent enough times around firearms, you should be able to recite this in your sleep. There is a reason why this is always rule number 1: It is the most important rule. This rule can prevent more accidents than any other rule on the list. The other rules on the list? Those are there to cover you in case you don’t follow this rule.

What does it really mean, though? What is involved in following rule number one?

Let's talk about it after the jump...

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Free For All Friday 11-7-2014: Get a bit competitive...

​As you may have heard, but Noobvember is here and just getting warmed up. There’s another big event happening this month that you should take notice of: Movember. If you’re a male...and considering the results of my analytics of my site there’s a good chance you should pay attention to this. Prostate cancer is a unique illness among men and it’s one that, if detected early, has a very good survival rate. The “early” detection window is small, however. The Movember movement seeks to raise money for prostate cancer research and raise awareness about it in general. This is done by people pledging not to shave during the month of November and grow a glorious mustache. If you would like to join in the mustache goodness and join Team GunNoob, head over to http://MOBRO.CO/gunnoob and get started!

We had one question this week. Find out what it was after the jump!

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Why safety is important to the gun community as a whole...

When you own a gun, you’re not just buying a device of metal and polymer or wood. You become part of a large community. With that comes a great deal of responsibility. Everything you do or say from that point on reflects and affects this community as a whole.

Therein lies the problem. If a mistake is made, you’re going to be judged by a group of often uninformed individuals with the benefit of hindsight (and often an agenda). I commonly refer to them as “armchair analysts”. The bright side is that it happens with far more than just the firearm community. As a pilot, listening to people talk about airplanes any time there is an accident is enough to make me want to pull out what little hair I have left. I actually heard a news “expert” once say something to the effect of “The pilot didn’t file a flight plan because it was a single engine prop plane.” No, the pilot didn’t file a flight plan because he was flying in VFR conditions and wasn’t legally required to file one in any way, shape or form. It has nothing to do with the kind of plane. Don’t get a military member started on the news coverage of their stuff. You’re going to be there listening to a (very justified) rant for a while. If you’ve listened to the news or happened to accidentally stumble into the putrid quagmire of the comments section of a news site whenever there is a story on have to force yourself to laugh otherwise you’ll either start crying or probably die from an anger induced aneurysm. 

Fortunately, it’s actually very easy to avoid becoming the focus of those armchair analysts...

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Noobvember is here! This month's focus is....

The air is getting colder. The clocks have been rolled back an hour. There’s pumpkin spice stuff everywhere and stores are putting out Christmas decorations even though it’s still TWO FREAKING MONTHS AWAY. That can only mean one thing: Noobvember is here! This is a month where we break away from our normal schedule and focus heavily on one particular topic. We go in depth with commentary, education and observations 3 times a week for the entire month of November.

This Noobvember, we’re going to focus on the absolute most important part of shooting. The thing that is 100% necessary every time you even look at a gun much less use one. Without further ado, this month’s Noobvember topic is…..

Gun Safety!

We’re going to take an in-depth look at the safety rules commandments along with the whys and hows of each. Along with that, we’re going to dispel some myths. Finally we’re going to take a look at how safety affects us all because at the end of the day, the safer we are as a whole, the better off we all will be. 

So put on your hard hat and fasten your safety belts, this month is going to get safe!


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Free For All Friday 10-31-2014: That FN pistol...

​I wasn’t able to get my costume repaired (yes, repaired. long story) in time for Halloween. As a result, my hastily thrown together costume today is “Random Dude from The Walking Dead Before He Got Turned Into a Zombie”. It’s not even 8:30 and I’m so hopped up on Halloween candy that I’m sure I’m going to get mistaken for a tweaker.

The time change is this weekend as well. We get an extra hour of sleep the first day then what feels like an extra hour until our bodies get used to it. Fun fact: the number of heart attacks in this country goes well below average on the days following this particular time change. They go up following the change where we lose an hour. Sleep is important, kids, and keeping a consistent sleep schedule is good for your health.

Questions after the jump!

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Recoil and Accuracy

​The #FreeForAllFriday thing we do every week is my absolute favorite thing I do for this site. Not only do I just love helping out readers by answering their questions but I love the challenge of it as well. Every now and then, I get a question that I really like and want to focus on a bit more. In this case, I got a question from least I think it was Ann judging by the email address. She wanted to know “since you said that you would have felt recoil when the bullet is already 10-20 ft away from you, would it affect the accuracy of your shot?  Why or why not?”

This makes for a great followup article to our guide on recoil from a while back. 

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