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Free For All Friday 1-23-2014: Defense ammo?

The SHOT Show is in full swing. There’s been some interesting stuff being showcased. Remington is claiming they’ve fixed all the issues with the R51 and are putting it back into production. Springfield has announced some new variations of their XD lines. Glock is Glock. The Taurus Curve is getting a lot of attention. All in all, it looks like it’s been interesting. At the same time, it always seems that more interesting stuff has always been announced at NRAAM. Never understood that, really. The SHOT Show is where media and vendors get to see what’s out there so it seems to go without saying that SHOT is where you’d get the most exposure. While I understand production schedules and so on don’t always coincide with show schedules but it seems like it would be a good idea to adjust production schedules so you can get the most exposure possible. Just my $0.08 which is my $0.02 adjusted for inflation.

Questions after the jump!

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Double-Ought What? Demystifying Shot Shell Terms

Nine Millimeter Hollow Point? Straightforward. Forty Five ACP Full Metal Jacket? Makes Sense. Twelve Gauge Number Two Game Load? Lol wut? I mean, I get the 12 Gauge part. That “number 2” thing can’t mean what I think it means because who’d want to advertise THAT about their ammo? What kind of game? Is it a first person shooter or a real time strategy game? Why do shotguns have to be so complicated?!

Let's decode this stuff after the jump...


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Free For All Friday 1-16-15: break actions, shotgun practice and CZ pistols

Shotgun barrels - over/under, side by side, triple barrel. What's that all about? -Mike H.

None of the ranges around here will let you shoot [a shotgun] and the nearest outdoor range that will is a long way away. I have zero interest in shooting clays and everyone says that's the wrong shotgun for that anyway. So how do I become proficient enough to use it for HD? I have no confidence in being able to effectively use this weapon. Any ideas? -Ron

I am looking to buy a first civilian handgun, having never used a sidearm in the military. My local gun shop recommends a CZ 75B .40 cal, and I am curious how you would rate this choice. Thanks for your time and the great articles! -Chris N.

I have been trying to convince [my parents] to get a stripped AR lower and then build our own rifle as a way to ease into the idea of gun ownership. I have been exploring the feasibility of the idea myself, and I am wondering if from a technical aspect it would be possible for my Dad and I to do so. If so, are there any online guides we could use? -Josh V.

The answers to these questions after the jump!

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Why do Shotguns use Gauge Instead of Caliber?

I've been working on a bunch of guides for the Year of the Shotgun. As I was working, there was a question that kept coming up in my brain. Namely, why are rifles and pistols measured in “caliber” while shotguns use "gauge"? I mean, if you really want to get pedantic about it, gauge technically is the caliber of the shotgun. You don’t really hear people refer to shotguns as a “12 gauge caliber” gun. Maybe sometimes a “large caliber” shotgun, perhaps.

Clearly, some research was in order…

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Free For All Friday 1-9-2015: Shotguns!

I’ve been sick for this last week. I hate being sick. That’s not saying much because I don’t know of many people who actually like being sick. On the bright side, it allowed me to get some stuff done with the site that I’ve been meaning to do in terms of organization, marketing and such. On the down side, I’m trying to write stories and interact with potential advertising customers while loopy on NyQuil. 

It’s the Year of the Shotgun and we’ve got a year of the shotgun question!

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The Road Ahead: Coming up in 2015

I wanted to start this year off with a kind of “State of the Blog” type of posting. There is an incredibly important thing I want to lead off with. Namely, thanking you. You, the person reading this right now. I want to thank you for helping to make this site what it is. Without you, I’d just be a gun loving nerd talking to himself….and that would be weird. When I started this site, 3 years ago, the only readers were my wife and parents. I just checked the site analytics; it's getting almost 110,000 views a month! That is HUGE for a blog like this! It wouldn't have happened without awesome people like you. I can’t possibly express the gratitude I feel that you stop by my little plot of land on this vast internet. All I can do is thank you over and over again and promise to try my best to continue doing the stuff that brought you here in the first place while trying to get even better.

With that being said, I’m excited about 2015!

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Free For All Friday 1-2-2015: More Ankle Holster Stuff

​It’s a brand new year! Let me first take a moment to give my most sincere thanks to all of you that have been reading Gun Noob. I can’t possibly thank you enough. You all have journeyed me through 3 years of running this site and I look forward to many more years with you all.

Happy New Year and thanks again!

We start this year off with a question about ankle holsters. We’ve been talking a lot about them lately, for some strange reason, and Mike has a great one:

I see a lot of arguments against ankle carry. Are there any circumstances where ankle carry would be the preferred method of carry? -Mike H.

Answer after the jump!

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Zeroing Your Rifle Scope

Having a rifle is cool and all but at some point you’re going to want to shoot it. What’s more, you’re going to want to shoot it a long distance. Most importantly, you’re going to want to hit what you’re aiming at. It’s kind of the point, really. Sadly, just slapping a scope on to your rifle isn’t going to suffice. At the moment, I’m not aware of any self adjusting rifle scopes. Before you can go shooting, you need to tell your scope where the bullet path is going to be. This is called “zeroing the rifle”.

Find out how to do it after the jump!


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Thinking like a Criminal: Holiday Security Tips

Santa enters via the chimney. If someone is kicking in a door or smashing a window, it ain’t Santa. Might be the Krampus, mind you, but I still wouldn’t want him in my house. Is it any wonder why home invasions, robberies, and theft go up during the holidays? People are getting all kinds of new things. There’s packages left on door stops. There’s cards in the mailbox filled with cash. It’s easy pickings for your average criminal. It’s also amazing how stupefyingly naive the average person gets during this time of year. As I drive around, I am awestruck by how some people are just opening themselves up for trouble. Most might as well leave their door unlocked with a big neon sign saying “HEY! COME ON IN! i’VE GOT SOME AWESOME STUFF FOR YOU TO STEAL!”

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Free For All Friday 12-19-2014: Last resort for holsters...

​This is it. The last FFAF before Christmas. It’s also my wedding anniversary. Everyone send your congrats and/or condolences to Mrs. Noob. She’s been legally required to put up with me for 3 years now. She put up with me voluntarily for quite a few years before that, mind you.

We only have one question this week so I’ll make this brief because wife aggro...

I have not been able to find an ankle holster for my Derringer, how hard would it be to make one and any suggestions on how to do it. -Fred S.

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