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Thinking like a Criminal: Holiday Security Tips

Santa enters via the chimney. If someone is kicking in a door or smashing a window, it ain’t Santa. Might be the Krampus, mind you, but I still wouldn’t want him in my house. Is it any wonder why home invasions, robberies, and theft go up during the holidays? People are getting all kinds of new things. There’s packages left on door stops. There’s cards in the mailbox filled with cash. It’s easy pickings for your average criminal. It’s also amazing how stupefyingly naive the average person gets during this time of year. As I drive around, I am awestruck by how some people are just opening themselves up for trouble. Most might as well leave their door unlocked with a big neon sign saying “HEY! COME ON IN! i’VE GOT SOME AWESOME STUFF FOR YOU TO STEAL!”

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Free For All Friday 12-19-2014: Last resort for holsters...

​This is it. The last FFAF before Christmas. It’s also my wedding anniversary. Everyone send your congrats and/or condolences to Mrs. Noob. She’s been legally required to put up with me for 3 years now. She put up with me voluntarily for quite a few years before that, mind you.

We only have one question this week so I’ll make this brief because wife aggro...

I have not been able to find an ankle holster for my Derringer, how hard would it be to make one and any suggestions on how to do it. -Fred S.

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Product Review: Solario Solar Phone Charger

Solario Solar ChargerI don’t know about you, but I typically get my Christmas shopping done towards the beginning of December. Then I sit around all smug about it like “yep, all done. You all enjoy the crowds and stuff.” Usually around the 15th of the month I wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat with the realization of “OH, CRAP! I FORGOT THE STOCKING STUFFERS!” Fortunately they’re usually small, easy to find items but still. This year, I’ve got a great stocking stuffer idea for you!

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Free For All Friday 12-12-2014: AR Scopes, Revolvers, and more!

We’ve got a lot of questions this week so I’m going to skip my usual rambling opening and go right into it!

Total noob question: understanding how to pick the correct scope for an AR-15 - Brett S.

I just saw (I'm a newbie, too) that the Taurus Judge revolver can shoot .410 shotgun shells. I've fired a shotgun, and they've got quite a kick. What's it like shooting shotgun shells from a revolver? Is it even practical? And what applications would it have? I mean, why would you want to, other than to speed up your carpal tunnel progress. - Mike H.

Dry fire systems and techniques -Kurt S.

Hey Noob!, I know you are not a fan of carrying revolvers. I understand all the reasons why. However, if someone decided to carry one anyway, do know of a holster that would work well? for perhaps a .38 special or a .357. Thanks as always! -Skylar R.

Better first hand gun, a Glock .45 or M&P Shield -Paolo C.

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Free For All Friday 12-5-2014: Shooting Low and Flame Wars...

When I launched this site three years ago, it went live with a handful of guides and some articles that, in looking back, make me cringe a bit to read. After about three months...and I don’t remember exactly which article it was.... after I posted it I had the following thought: “I am now completely out of ideas.” Then, the next week, I posted another article and again I said “That’s the last one I’m going to be able to write. I have no more ideas.” For three years I’ve been panicking and telling myself that every time I post an article. My biggest fear at the moment is that some day, I’ll be right.

Thank goodness for Free For All Friday!

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Breathing 101

Breathing is important. That’s all. End of article. Thanks for stopping by everyone! Yeah, I wasn't expecting you to buy that one. The end of the article thing, that is, not the breathing thing. I’m not joking on that point. Breathing is what separates the dead from the living, the animate from the inanimate. 

Breathing correctly, on the other hand, is an entirely different thing and I honestly have no idea why I started the article out like that. Tell you what, ignore that first paragraph. Keep breathing, of course, because you should do that and I would never suggest otherwise.

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Free For All Friday 11-28-2014: Some catching up to do...

​Thanksgiving has come and gone and I’ve eaten an absurd amount of turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing. Having this much time off of work has also messed up my internal clock. Amazing how quickly that can happen. Spent all day thinking it was Sunday. I think I even wrote Sunday’s date on the paperwork when I picked up my car from the shop this afternoon. Whoops. Hopefully that detail isn’t too important to them….

 We’ve got some questions from this week and some from last week which I missed because I was sick...

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Debunking Things: Do Guns Just "Go Off"?

The phrase “I was just cleaning it and it went off” has become almost as cliche as “hey, ya’ll, watch this”. Still, it seems there are a strangely large number of “accidents” that occur while cleaning a gun. The explanation is always “it just went off”. Like the gun was just sitting on the table and BLAM!....there’s now a hole in the television. Call me skeptical but does this actually happen? Well, we’re going to take a look in today’s episode of Noobvember Gun Mythbust….sorry...hold on a sec...I’m getting a text from my lawyer….

Ok, so I can’t use the term “Mythb[REDACTED]er” because of copyright laws and such. So...uh..We’re going to take a look in today’s episode of Noobvember Gun Myth….uhm..smashers!

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Let's Talk About Squibs...

There is a near unfathomable amount of ammo manufactured on a daily basis. I don’t even want to estimate the number but I’m sure it’s pretty big. Ok, I’ll estimate it. Right now, the manufacturers are in full production and they average about 12 billion rounds per year which comes out to just short of 33 million rounds a day.

Now, quality assurance at the manufacturers is impressive. The problem is, it’s not foolproof. I’ve been researching for a while but I haven’t found any solid estimates on how many bad rounds get out. Admittedly, if I was a manufacturer, I sure as heck would keep that number close to my chest. Knowing what I know of other manufacturer’s, I’m going to give an estimate of .001% of those rounds make it past quality assurance (keep in mind, that is purely an estimate pulled off the top of my head). That means that, on any given day, 329 bad rounds could make it out into the market.

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Let's Talk About Safety Rules 4, 5, and 6...

Up until this point, we’ve been discussing the big three. These are the same rules you’ll see plastered over every gun range, gun store and gun show from coast to coast. Here at GunNoob, we like to take a “just because it works doesn’t mean it can’t work better” approach to things so we have added our own set of rules to the big three just to cover all the bases. 


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