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Free For All Friday: 4-18-14, Ammo Casings, Gun Finishes, and How to Help GunNoob

It's Free for All Friday again! We've got two questions this week:

I was going to buy some 9mm the other day and had a choice between steel case or copper. what is the difference? which is better? Will both work in my S&W? Thanks for your help as always! -Skylar R.

Hey, guys, I'm the guy who wrote in a couple weeks ago about the smoke smell in the gun. Let me just start by saying that the vinegar wash worked great! However I've also been looking at handguns recently (it will be my first), and was wondering if you could give a brief explanation or guide about finishes. Words like duracoat, parkerizing, and bluing, are all used a lot when looking at different guns. What exactly are these and what's the benefits? Thanks for all your advice!  -JD

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The Remington R51: The Web's Current Punching Bag

So apparently the Remington R51 will cause your car to stop working, set your house on fire, give you Ebola and eat your least that's the impression I get in reading pretty much every review of it. I haven't fired it myself but I did get to play with it at SHOT show and, like the rest of the gun world, I wasn't impressed. This is why I always tell people that, be it cars, gun or what have you, it's not a good idea to buy the very first model year. This is a brand new gun..sort of...and it's sure to have some kinks. Admittedly, there are some problems with this gun that should never have made it past internal testing.

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LaserLyte Center Mass Dual Lens Laser Sight

There is just something so science fiction-y about lasers. At the same time, there’s something flat out miraculous about them. To think that light can be concentrated in such a way that it can be bounced of planets at mind bogglingly long distances or cut through even the most strong materials. Heck, when we finally achieve nuclear fusion, chances are it will be lasers that help accomplish it.

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Free for All Friday: 4-11-14, Eye strain and Misc. AR parts

Stick Figure FamilyBeen on a bit of a tear about those stick figure family stickers on cars. I’ve noticed a growing backlash against them as of late and that makes me happy. I saw one sticker today that said “Your stick figure family will be exterminated” and had a bunch of Daleks attacking. It made me laugh. While I doubt reality supports it, I’d like to think that one of my early articles had a bit to do with the anti-stick figure trend. Better living through delusions, I always say.

You know what’s way more awesome than stick figure families? People who send in questions for Free for All Friday! We had two questions this week:

“Whenever I go to the range, I find that by the end of the trip my vision is really blurry and it’s hard to see for a while afterwards. I stop being able to shoot because I have trouble seeing the sights after a while. Is this normal? What can I do to stop it?” -Lydia K.

“We have gone back and forth with some small items (trigger group pins, trigger suggestions, etc) that have been very helpful in our AR builds. Can you compile a list of often overlooked parts or items that might be helpful in maintenance, repair and learning more about firearms in general?” -Chris H.

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Beginner Gun Review: FNH FNS-9

FNH FNS-9Although this is a review for the FNH FNS-9 pistol, I’m going to take a moment and talk about the Glock 19. The G19 is actually the very first gun I ever reviewed on this site. Ever since that review, I have referred to the Glock 19 as a “Goldilocks gun”. It’s size allows it to easily be concealed for daily carry but it’s not so small that it’s uncomfortable to shoot. In fact, you can spend a whole day at the range with this gun with no problems at all.

There’s a good reason why the Glock 19 is Glock’s most popular model if not one of the more popular guns on the market. It’s no wonder that just about every company makes a striker fired handgun in a similar shape, size and frame. Smith & Wesson has the M&P 9c, Springfield has the XDm 3.8 and, of course, FNH has the FNS-9 pistol. See how I brought that back around?


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Free For All Friday: 4-4-2014

It’s Friday again! I don’t know about you but I look forward to Friday the moment I wake up on Monday morning. It’s been a good week, actually. I’ve been able to increase my updates a little bit with industry news and such. At the same time, I had a lot of fun with the review of the Portal Gun for April Fools. Questions? We’ve got three this week. Almost had a skeet shooting hat trick this week but there’s definitely a clay sports theme with the first two.

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Underwater Guns!

Over at Jalopnik, which is a site that usually talks about cars, they’ve got a pretty nice article on underwater guns. The physics and such concerning shooting underwater are pretty hard to overcome and some of the attempts are rather creative. I think the HK P11 is the most famous of the underwater weaponry, not to mention the most impractical.

I’m not ashamed to admit that, as I was reading, the main though going through my head was “ooo…shark hunting anyone?!”

Check it out here:

How To Poop Like A Samurai?

Over at The Art of Manliness, they’ve posted an article that got me thinking. He spoke of a samurai master that never stopped training. As they put it in the article: “everything he did, he did with great purpose. As he was a sword master, he continued in his study of the sword. When it rained, the master would go outside, crouch in the rain shadow under the house’s eaves, and cut rain drops dripping from the roof line as they fell. He never stopped studying what he did. Bushido taught zanshin as preparedness for battle, which could come at any time. Even, say, when one was on the toilet.”He went on to talk about how the samurai would sit while on the toilet. The samurai would remove one of his legs from his pants in order to improve his mobility in the case that he’s attacked while on the toilet. Now, the focus of the article was more on the biological aspect and how this particular position (explained more in the article) would make it easier for things to flow and it does seem to work quite well. That’s n ...

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Beginner Gun Review: Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device Carry Edition

Two years ago, at my first SHOT Show, I got a special invite to view a fascinating prototype. Unfortunately I was under an NDA that included the words “execution with extreme prejudice” as part of the “repercussions” section for violation. Needless to say, I didn’t even tell my dog. Imagine my surprise when two armed representatives of Aperture Science showed up at my door with to personally deliver a T&E weapon to review! The NDA has been lifted and I can talk about this amazing new direction for personal defense.

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New Guide: Minute of Angle?

Continuing with our Year of the Rifle initiative, the following guide has been added to our Rifle Guides Section. Head on over there to read it or check it out below!

Spend any amount of time looking at rifles and scopes and you’re going to see a strange acronym pop up: “MOA”. Those three letters stand for Minute of Angle. Strangely enough, that tells us absolutely nothing about what that actually means.

Ain’t Goin to MOA
While it’s called “minute of angle” in the firearms world, the official/scientific term is minute of arc. As you may remember from school, a circle has 360 degrees and a minute of arc is equal to 1/60 of a degree or 1/21,600 of a circle.


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