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Schlick Schlock for very little cha-ching (Cheap Guns Part II: Shotguns)

My original intention was to write a quick guide to some quality cheap guns. Boy and howdy did I open up a can of worms with that one. It turns out, there were a large number of guns that met my requirements and that was just in handguns. Far too many to cover in just one article, even! As I kept looking, I saw numerous shotguns and rifles and even more handguns. I’m trying my best, however, to restrict the list to guns that I personally know to be of good quality. At the same time, there just isn’t a way to list all the individual guns that are within my search restrictions.

But that won’t stop me from trying...

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The Lament of the .25

There isn’t an expert out there that won’t tell you Betamax was way better than VHS. It was a smaller, sturdier cassette with higher resolution than VHS. Heck, while we were recording TV shows at home on VHS, they were stored and broadcast from the studios using Beta tapes. So why did VHS catch on while Betamax became another paragraph in the endless numbers of “Top X Technology Failures of All Time” articles?

Well, for the most part it was marketing and price. Yes, Beta had some shortcomings. It had a shorter recording time than VHS tapes, for example. In the end, however, it was Sony’s historical idiocy overconfidence that lead to JVC and RCA (the makers of VHS) being able to outmaneuver them in the market. While Sony learned their lesson with BluRay technologies (something Microsoft didn’t learn when they tried to release HD-DVD), you can take a look at the PS3’s launch and the PS4’s marketing for modern day examples of Sony’s shortcomings.

But this isn’t a discussion on gaming consoles...

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Grab the Bull By the Pup (Get It? Bullpup?)

Every now and then, you get a trend that seems to pop up out of nowhere. Once one company latches on to it, more and more come on board. Next thing you know, it’s the new standard. The fun thing is, often times that “new trend” is nowhere near new. It’s just someone took an old concept and finally got it right. Take smartphones, for example. They’ve been around, sort of, for a long time now. The Palm PDA by 3Com was a big jump in technology and eventually came with cell service for email and such. This was years before Apple even started considering the iPhone. Believe it or not, there was one of those “House of the Future” type of videos in the 1950’s that almost perfectly described the iPhone as it exists today! There truly is nothing new under the sun.

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GunUp Sponsors BJ Norris

Sioux Falls, SD - GunUp Inc is proud to announce their sponsorship of BJ Norris in the 3Gun Nation Pro Series. BJ Norris is a talented shooter with multiple national and world championships under his belt. This year he'll be competing in the 3Gun Nation Pro Series for the first time with the support of GunUp.   "I'm excited to be sponsored by GunUp," said Norris. "It's great to be working with a company that not only reaches out to the emerging gun culture but also supports the traditional shooting community through the shooting sports." GunUp Inc provides the first true one stop shop experience for firearms consumers. GunUp's customers can read articles and research their purchases in GunUp the Magazine, learn the latest news and info from the GunUp Blog Network, and purchase firearms directly from GunUp Shop at GunUp also provides advertising solutions for companies in the shooting sports industry through GunUp the Magazine and the GunUp Advertising Network.   From Caleb ...

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Reloading and You: A New Guide and Section!

In an attempt to cover starter information for all things gun, we're proud to announce the launch of a new Reloading section of the site! In the coming weeks/months, we'll be adding more guides and videos to help get you started in the world of reloading your own ammo.

The first guide we've added is the Getting Started Guide where we talk about why you should start reloading, why you shouldn't and what you're ultimately going to need.

Head on over and check it out!

Thinking Like a Criminal: Change your Key Code!

You've got a home alarm, one of those neat keypad things for your garage and a gun safe and they all have digital keypads. So when was the last time you changed your code? Every time you push one of those numbers, it affects the button you push. The plastic is worn down by a minute amount. The paint is worn off a tiny bit. Some of the oils from your finger is left on the button. After even a short period, the most commonly hit keys are going to be obvious.


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Credit Crunch: Inexpensive guns to get you started

Let’s face it: money is tight. Even in the best of economies, people like me still have a tendency to live paycheck to paycheck. That means we might not always have the cash on hand to get that shiny H&K or Wilson 1911 we’ve been staring at in the gun store’s cases. Granted, most stores offer layaways but trying to come up with $1000 over a couple of months is still a large order.

So if you want to get a gun, what’s the cash strapped to do? The good news is, there’s a couple of options. In even the worst times, I can generally come up with $550 over a 3 month layaway so I’m setting that as a budget. By the way, I’m going solely by the MSRP prices. Remember, the street value is always lower, even in this panic buying time we have now.

So let’s see what’s out there, shall we?


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Let's Get to the (Natural) Point...

If you ever get the chance to shoot a variety of guns at one range session, you might notice that you’ll do better with some pistols than others. For example, I can shoot quite well with a Springfield XDm but I can barely hit anything with my friend’s FNX-45. Now, I’m not going to sit here and say my distinct lack of skill isn’t a factor. At the same time, it might not be entirely my fault. 

Yes, I’m going to show you why you might be able to blame the gun (up to a point).

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Gear Review: Leatherman MUT

Leatherman tools rock. Period. End of story. If they had been around just a bit earlier, you can bet that MacGyver would have carried one of them instead of a Swiss Army Knife. The utility of these things is beyond compare. You not only get blades and screwdrivers and a bunch of other tools, just like the Swiss Army Knife, but you also get a pair of pliers as well. All of it is contained in a easily carried package.

Needless to say, I've had a Leatherman tool as part of my everyday carry kit for a long time.


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Gear Review: Lucid HD7 Red Dot Sight (and magnifier)

So I recently built an AR-15. I don’t remember but I might have written a couple of posts on it. Maybe a video or two... 

Anyway, after getting it finished, I had slapped some pop-up iron sights on it then set out to find a nice red dot sight. If you’ve ever priced a red dot sight, they’re not cheap. Ok, some of them are cheap but therein lies the problem. After dumping all this money into the gun, I didn’t have a hefty sum of cash for an EOTech or Aimpoint. I did, however, find a generic red dot at a gun show for $70. Score! 

As it turns “score”. I could not get this thing to zero to save my life. I finally gave up and said “for now I’ll just aim 2 feet above the target”. That’s not ideal by any stretch of the imagination. It looked like I was going to have to start saving a bunch of cash for an EOTech. 

I was complaining about my poor purchase to TJ when he suggested I look into the Lucid HD7. I had never heard of it before but he said he loved his so I checked it out. My first stop was Amazon. The price was good at under $300 ($279 + shipping, in this case). Even more importantly, it was pretty much universally loved in the customer review section. That’s almost unheard of at Amazon. I wasn’t able to order it immediately but it was at the top of my wish list. I finally put in the order recently and now hold it in my grubby little hands. 

So let’s talk about it for a moment... 

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