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Okay,  I understand some are reluctant to talk about ARs in the aftermath of Newtown, but since apparently there's like a billion new AR owners out there thanks to all the talk of a new assault weapons ban, we should probably start talking about them again. Today, we're talking about SPORTS.

Look, nobody talks about what you should do if your AK47 malfunctions because, let's face it, if your AK47 has a malfunction you can just bang it against a rock to get it working again. AR15s are much more finicky. They malfunction. It's a fact of life. They'll malfunction when they're brand new out of the box, so it's not like the rifle is punishing you for doing something wrong, it just hates you on general principle.

If you have a malfunction at the bench, you can just stop, put the safety on, unload the weapon, take it apart and fiddle with it until you reverse the gypsy curse they put on your rifle at the factory. The real question is "What if it malfunctions when I really need it?"

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Security Quick Tip: Hide your Boxes...

Christmas has come and gone and, hopefully, you got some good gifts. All my neighbors certainly did. As I drive down the road I know exactly who got PS3s, XBoxes, iPads, Computers house got a really sweet 70" flat screen!

How do I know this? Because they put their boxes out in front of their houses. Fortunately, I am a responsible and law abiding citizen. Others might not be.

Do yourself a favor: cut up your boxes and put them in trash bags. Better yet, take a few minutes and haul them to the dump yourself. Don't make it any easier for a criminal than it already is.

Help Identify This Antique Gun...

A local friend asked for some help in identifying a rifle he recently came into his possession. He doesn't know much about it other than what the previous owner told him...which wasn't much either. He thinks it's a German made piece, possibly from the 1800's. It has a serial number: "17563", the middle number is a bit hard to read. There are proof marks on the gun but no manufacturer's mark. Photos are below. Clicking any of the pictures below will bring up a larger photo.

If you recognize this weapon or can at least provide some hints, let us know via our contact page or on our Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Reader Question: What Should I Look For in a Gun Store?

Chris asked “The town I live in now only has one store but I’ll be moving to a place soon that has a few. How do I know which is a good one?”

Whichever one is cheapest? Just kidding. I see what you’re getting at. There’s actually a lot more than just price that needs to be factored in, as far as I’m concerned. When I travel, I love to stop in to gun stores that I come across both to make new contacts and to get a good idea of the regional prices. Through that time, I’ve come across things that impressed me and things that left me shaking my head.  

So here’s what I’ll do: I’m going to list off a bunch of the things I’ve seen over the years to design my “perfect” gun store. Then it’ll be up to you to find the store that matches as many of the things on the list that you agree with. Does that work for you? If so, great! If not, too bad, that’s how I’m writing this article. 

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5 Worst Bits of Advice From Other People at the Gun Shop/Gun Show/Gun Range...

If you spend any time around gun stores, gun shows, or even shooting ranges, you’ll hear it. Some guy will always pipe up and contribute what he believes to be pertinent and solid advice. Sometime, it’s good advice. “If you’re finding the recoil on that .40 to be bad, perhaps dropping to 9mm will help” and such.

Sadly, there is a chance you’ll get advice from someone that may not be qualified to be offering said advice. I believe the technical term to describe this person is “full of it”. For most people that have been shooting for more than..oh...say a couple months or so, it’s pretty easy to spot Mr. Full Of It.  He is in very close relation to the Fun Shark, by the way. Some would say he’s even the same guy. 

For a brand new shooter, the urge to listen to any advice is strong. I’m here to tell you: don’t take his advice. Here is a list of the most common things you’ll hear and why you should just say “Cool story, bro” and move on.

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Reader Question: Why do longer barrels make the bullets go faster?

A reader, who asked not to be named, asked the question “Why do longer barrels make the bullets go faster?”

That’s actually a bit of a loaded question (get it? Loaded? like a rifle? oh nevermind). Maybe it’s not so much loaded but it is more complicated than you would think. I’ll give you the short answer real quick then get on to the sciency stuff. The short answer won’t be the whole answer though. 

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FIME Group Launches Release Of SGL12-09 (SAIGA) Shotgun

(LAS VEGAS) – From the FIME Group LLC comes the SGL12-09 AK style shotgun available for the first time in the US Market.  This genuine Russian 12-gauge, semi-automatic shotgun is made in the legendary Izhmash Factory in Russia.  Additional parts, manufactured in the US, are attached for ultimate optimization. The shotgun is imported from Russia and remanufactured by FIME Group LLC to incorporate what collectors and shooters anticipate from an authentic Russian AK style shotgun.  Each comes with a 12-gauge smoothbore barrel. This semi-automatic shotgun will shoot both 2 3/4“ and 3” magnum.  The SGL12-09 features a SAW-type Russian pistol grip for a larger, more comfortable ergonomic grip.   The polymer RPK-style, high-quality handguard, which is made in the US, sports a rib design that allows for a better grip and quicker cool-down.  The Picatinny Quad Rail System – designed for military and law enforcement -- is also made in the US.  It has ...

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Rob Pincus-- evolution of a gun nerd

If there was a gun community equivalent of Dos Equis’s Most Interesting Man in the World, Rob Pincus would surely be a top contender for the position.  With a staggering roster of credentials and accomplishments, and an even more impressive list of hobbies, one would be less than shocked to find him a raging egomaniac.  Turns out, Rob is quite the opposite.  He’s a gracious, thoughtful guy who is as serious about learning as he is about training others.  I was lucky enough to chat with him recently about his self-defense philosophies and methods, the evolution of the gun world and why he’s such a vocal proponent of second amendment rights. 

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New General Guide: Hearing Protection Guide

We've been writing mostly quick articles as of late but we're still working on full blown guides. In fact, today I just added a brand new guide to the different types of hearing protection on the market and the pros and cons of each!

Check it out here: Hearing Protection Guide or look for it in our General Guides section.

Retro Review: Enfield Number 4, Mk II

When it comes to old battle rifles, the Garand, Mauser and Mosin tend to get all the love, but ever since the day I first saw the movie, "Breaker Morant," I've wanted an Enfield. It was the first bolt-action, multi-round battle rifle the British ever fielded, and they continued to field it in one form or another until well after the Korean War. Think about that for a second. That would be like instead of the M1 Garand going to shore at Inchon in 1950, U.S. Soldiers carrying the same Krag-Jorgensen rifles Teddy Roosevelt carried up San Juan Hill in the Spanish American War. It wasn't until the FN FAL came along that the British switched to a semi-automatic, and even then Enfields were retained as sniper rifles. Until just last year, Enfields were used in the far north by Canadian Rangers because they worked better in the freezing temperatures than the Canadian C7 rifles. It's just, simply put, a great bolt-action rifle, and you can still find them out there.

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