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Rifle Cartridge Explanation: Clearing the Waters and then Muddying them Up

I think people fail to appreciate how easy it is to buy handgun ammo. I’m not referring to ammo inventory levels, mind you, I’m talking about picking out the right ammo for your gun. If you have a .45ACP pistol, you go out and buy a box of .45ACP ammo. At the same time, with few exceptions, it’s easy to tell the size of the round by the caliber alone. A .45 is bigger than a .40 and that’s bigger than a .380 and so on. Sometimes there can be a little confusion with the ammo that uses the metric system (hello, 9mm) but beyond that, it’s pretty straightforward. Things get a bit odd in the terms of shotgun ammo as the smaller the gauge, the bigger the round but it’s an easy rule of thumb to remember. When it comes to rifle ammo, however, It’s like they’re just trolling us.

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Free For All Friday 9-19-2014: Conversions, Cleaning and Youths...arrrr

Ahoy! Well, today be Talk Like a Pirate Day. It’s one o' me absolute favorite internet created holidays. Why? Because I get t' annoy t' heck out o' me mateys and family. In other news, it looks like t' NSSF be startin' their promotion for SHOT Show 2015 and I’m as excited as can be! I’m used to t' craziness at this point and can really enjoy t' show. It’ll be interestin' t' see how it turns out this time. I’ve got some predictions for it already but that’s a different article.

On t' t' questions ye scurvy dogs! Yaharr!

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Gear Review: Versacarry Holsters

​From the cars we drive, the television we watch to the internet that you’re using to read this article, some of the greatest inventions of our time have come from some person saying “forget the status quo, let’s rethink this.” At the same time, some of the worst and dangerous inventions have also come from that same line of thinking. When it comes to reviews, I try to be as diplomatic as humanly possible. I honestly don’t like publishing bad reviews. At the same time, when I find something that I feel is fundamentally dangerous, I feel the need to warn people.

Today, I’m talking about the Versacarry “holster”.


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Free For All Friday 10-12-2014: Holsters, new guns and stuff!

Ever notice how we often try to make solutions far more difficult than they need to be? As a long time programmer, I find myself running into this quite a lot these days. I’ll have a feature I need to implement and I’ll start coding. After hundreds and hundreds of lines of code, I’ll have something that works but not as well as I’d like. I’ll sit back and stew on it for a bit then, after yelling a swear word or two, delete those few hundred lines of code and replace it with about a dozen lines that does exactly what I need and exactly how I need it. I recently heard another programmer mention that he could “complicate the heck out of a ball bearing”. Keep this in mind when problems present themselves to you. As is stated in Occam’s Razor (although paraphrased greatly): the simplest solution is often the best one. 

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Gun Myths: Gun show reloads are wastes of money.

There’s a lot of bad information on the intertubes. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen horribly bad advice being passed off as “expertise”, I wouldn’t need to be working anymore and could do full time. With that, I’m going to start picking out bits of bad advice I’ve seen around the internet and then go all Mythbusters on it.

The first one was inspired by a strange set of circumstances. I was browsing one of my favorite forums and saw someone just ripping on those gunshow reload ammo packs. You know the ones: $12 for 50 rounds of 9mm FMJ and so on. Even though he stated that he “had never had a problem with them”, he wouldn’t “waste his money on that junk”. About an hour after I closed my browser with a chuckle, I got an email from someone asking about reloads for range practice. Part of me wonders if he was reading the same forum that I was browsing.

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Free For All Friday 9-5-2014: Lawyers and stuff...

As always, I start out Free For All Friday by talking about things that interest me personally. It’s not always about guns and you can always feel free to skip right to the questions (hint: they’re always italicized). That being said, the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix at Monza is this weekend and there’s an interesting bit of drama going into it. After that crazy collision with Hamilton and Rosberg last race, there’s some noticeable tension in team Mercedes. While Merc is on top in the league this year, the competitiveness between their two drivers, I think, it going to give them trouble. It’s presenting a major chink in their armor and is creating a big hole for other teams (like my favorite Ferrari) to climb through. At the same time, I think Rosberg feels like he has something to prove because, if you look at the numbers, the only reason he’s on top right now is because they can’t seem to keep Hamilton’s car working. With that desire to prove something, he’s starting to get a bit reckless.

Side note: Next season, there will be an American team racing in Formula 1 for the first time in a while and I'm looking forward to cheering them on.

We've got one question this week but it’s a really good one...

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Free For All Friday 8-29-2014: The Doctor, cleaning tools, glasses and shot shell reloading.

There’s a few things I really look forward to every year. One of the big ones is the start of a new season of my favorite show: Doctor Who. Now, I’m not one of those people that just started watching a few years back when the quirky attractive guy was playing. I’ve been watching it for a good portion of my life starting WAY back with the 4th Doctor played by the brilliant Tom Baker. Not to get all hipster but I was a Whovian before it was cool. Anyway, this season premier was a particularly big deal because a new Doctor was starting. I had everything ready for it. I was wearing my Doctor Who shirt and we had prepared a big batch of fishfingers and custard (tastier than it sounds, believe it or not). Five minutes before the show was ready to start, **blip**, the power goes out. Fortunately, it came back on before the show was over….ten minutes before it ended. Thankfully, modern technology is modern and I was able to watch it the next morning on demand. Wasn’t as much fun (first world problems, I know) but still, it was great.

Interestingly enough, I had a couple of emails and messages asking my opinion on the new season. Peter Capaldi, the new actor, was fantastic. His take really reminds me of the 4th Doctor and I’m looking forward to the darker, less flirty Doctor. Side Note/fun fact, Capaldi chose the Doctor’s outfit based on his feeling that it would be easier for plans to dress up as. That’s freaking awesome. As far as the episode itself, some people didn’t like the plot but, personally, I thought it was a perfect episode for introducing a new Doctor. It really gave him a chance to shine but didn’t overshadow the regeneration. I think this is going to be a great season. The new episode, features the Daleks, is tomorrow night.

I could go on and on but that would probably kill my page views. On to the questions!

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Choosing a Rifle Scope

A rifle without a scope is just a long pistol. Look, I’m tired at the moment and that’s about a profound as it’s going to get. While you’ll probably never see that phrase on a motivational poster, it’s arguably accurate. While there are some people that can shoot amazing distances with a pistol and some people regularly shoot rifles out to 1,000 yards with no scope, those of us who are human have a limit to how far we can shoot with iron sights. A scope, in this case, makes all the difference in the world.

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Free For All Friday 8-22-2014: Shoulder holsters, unloading guns and poking a hornet's nest

​Did you know that, according to various studies, more people would rather give a speech in front of thousands of people than undergo a major change in their life even if that change is for the better? Something interesting to think about. 

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Getting the Heck out of Dodge: Dealing With and Surviving a Riot.

​Ask any expert: society is fragile. It doesn’t take much for it to collapse and when it does, it’s not pretty. Law and order go out the window while bricks and trashcans go through windows. Civility is replaced by rage. Humanity is replaced by something else...something feral. There is no reasoning at this point, there is only survival. When the riots broke out up in Ferguson, I started to wonder what I would do if it happened here. How would I handle it? Where would I go? I’ve been researching for the last few days and I’ve noticed some major trends in advice.

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